Please, help my family!

I’m trying not to panic, because panic never helps. I, personally, am cared for in my primary household. This is my secondary household, my family-of-heart, my lover Lon Sarver, his partner, and their son. And I can’t fix this for them. Please, please, if you love me, help them!

If you can’t give money, I totally understand. Mojo, prayers, energy, etc. towards successfully and QUICKLY resolving the situation that is causing the problem is also helpful!

As usual, when I know such a need exists, and especially now, until this is resolved, most or all of the funds I receive from readings, services, and jewelry sales will go to help my loved ones survive! (The only exceptions will be established debts that can’t be put on hold.)


P.S. If you don’t love me, help them anyway, because they’re good people and fellow Pagans who normally manage amazingly well despite various adversities, and do everything they possibly can before asking for help like this!


About EmberVoices

Ember Cooke has been a member of Hrafnar and Seidhjallr for more than a decade, where she trained to be a Seidhkona, Galdrakona, and Gythia. She founded the Vanic Conspiracy and made ordination vows to the Vanir and her congregation in the summer of 2013. She has contributed to several publications on Heathen and Northern Pagan subjects and regularly presents rituals and workshops at festivals. Her personal practice is more diverse, as the Vanir have lead her into cross-training and service for the wider Pagan community. This has including medium and servitor training in American Umbanda, clergy training with the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, and jail ministry for local counties. She holds a BA with honors in Religious Studies from Santa Clara University. Ember has lived all her life in the south San Francisco Bay Area, and is intimately bound to the valley of her birth.
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