Shinies ON SALE!

I’d like to take a brief detour from the stress to bring you something a bit more lighthearted: SHINIES! Specifically, the shinies which you can acquire from me.

For the weekend, they are on a discount!

First of all, Zazzle tells me this code will give a discount on many of the things in my Zazzle store, Seeds of Fire: BLACKFRILOVE

Seeds of Fire Zazzle Store

Always let me know what kind of “more” you’re looking for.

I’ve got stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, keychains, and more, and I’m always interested in feedback as to what you’d like to see more of. I have a few ideas I’d like to add before Yule, so do check back. 😀


Also, there are still about a dozen devotional necklaces and bracelets left in my personal stock for sale that I want to clear out before I start making more. So for the weekend, I’m discounting $5 OFF everything over $20!

Thanksgiving Sale!

I also take commissions, if you have a specific deity in mind.

See what I still have in stock below the cut tag. 😀

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In This Time of Upheaval, Hold Together #SafetyPin

I wish to create safer space. If you too wish to create safer space, wear a simple, unadorned #SafetyPin on your person. Mine is pinned to my purse so that it is always with me wherever I go.


Safer Space Begins With Us


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Election Prayer – VOTE!!

This is a modification of an Election Prayer I wrote 8 years ago to present in a pre-election interfaith service. I believe we need it again now:

Elhaz – Manaz – Tiwaz – Jera

Call we now the children of Midgard,
Praise to the spirits of the land
We ask you now to guide and guard us
As we make well our rightful will.

Our mighty Mothers here we honor
from womb to womb, since world’s beginning.
And Fathers of the flesh and spirit,
Sacred seed itself renewing.

And mindful Mentors, wisdom winning,
Sacred scalds and holy heroes.
And kind Companions, comfort bringing,
Faithful friends, and helping healers.
With wit and wisdom, guide your children!

Hail to the Founders of this Nation
Courageous leaders of the revolution
You who lived and died for the light of liberty
And preserved our rights to pursue our paths.

Tomorrow a choice is laid before us
According to the promises you gave us
To shape the future of the land and people
According to the will of us all equally

May all who rise to make our choices
Choose with wisdom unclouded by fear
May our voices be heard according to our will
May our choices be counted honestly and well
May the path we choose be the best for all!

Founders! Guard and guide your people!

Hail the Ancestors!
Hail the Landspirits!
Hail the Gods!


P.S. The second stanza is from Diana Paxson‘s ancestor prayer, which I have long since modified for my own use, with her permission.

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The Season of the Beloved Dead

This time of year is very important to me, as holiday after holiday explodes around my home lands, and my birthday approaches. Winternights, Samhain, Halloween, All Saints Day, Dia De Los Muertos… they’re not all the same, but there is a common theme throughout them: Honoring the role death and the beloved dead play in our dance of life.

The Lord of the Mound has gone to His rest, Papa Ghede is laughing with His fellows, the Ancestors are awake to dance and dine with us, and the year is turning.

Today I want to celebrate the Ancestors, to contemplate the cycle, and to perhaps understand a little better one of the major elements of the season in my area: Dia De Los Muertos, the Mexican tradition for remembering our beloved dead, and re-connecting with them on a personal level each year.

To that end, I offer some videos I find beautiful:

The first Dia De Los Muertos parade in Mexico City!

Google Mexico exploring Dia De Los Muertos

The touching Dia De Los Muertos animated short

Dia De Los Muertos in San Francisco

Dance in the Graveyard by Delta Rae

Be Well,

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“Fluid Is My Gender”

For National Coming Out Day, I present to you a guest post and collaboration with my dear friend and colleague, Dee Shull. They shared with me this poem, and I so loved it that I asked them if I could make a graphic and blog post out of it. 😀 –Ember–

"I am fluid"


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Women in Heathenry

I don’t feel this level of unappreciated, I admit, but I realize that’s because I never expected recognition in the first place.

The photo, by the way, is of my beloved teacher, Lorrie Wood, holding up the horn. The others I don’t know, sorry.



Women In Heathenry

Sumble Troth

You know, I thought we were getting it right.  OK, for all of those who like to talk to me about white privilege, I will freely acknowledge I know nothing about growing up anything else, of course they know jack sh*t except fairy tales about my life either so we will leave it at that.  I have however spent a life growing up looking after and protecting my little sister, have spent twenty years married to my amazing wife and raised three daughters.  I have been there for them as best I could in challenges beyond number.  I had, I thought a pretty good read on what they faced, in every community.

Of all the communities, and sadly I must definitely include my beloved Armed Forces, Heathenry was the one that did the best job of accepting men and women equally and in all the myriad expressions…

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