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Boar Triad Necklace with amber and green opal

What a beautiful necklace! Very suitable to anyone dedicated to the Vanir in general, or Freyr or Freyja in particular. -E-

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FAQ for the proposed Vanatru Symbol

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Vanatru Symbol I proposed in February. Here I am trying to address as many of the questions and concerns that were raised as I can. If you have more questions, … Continue reading

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New at my Etsy shop: Vanatru pendants!

Woo! The first Vanatru pendants (that I know of) are available on Etsy in Nornoriel’s shop 😀 -E-

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Need for More Wild Boar Hunters

Olav Sletner from Aurskog in Eastern Norway shot this wild boar in 2013. (Photo: Private) The wild boar is blacklisted in Norway, but the population is increasing. Now the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers (NJFF) is seeking Norwegian authorities…

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Vanatru Symbol Found!

Calling all Vanatruar: PLEASE USE THIS SYMBOL! I have long been frustrated by the lack of a single clear symbol for modern Vanatru suitable for a pendant. Mjolnir and Valknots are popular among modern Asatruar. The most popular symbol for … Continue reading

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Muppet Syr Redux

In my post about a dream of Boars, I made a side note of Miss Piggy, especially when dressed as a Valkyrie, being a potential pop-culture representation of Freyja in Her guise as Syr, the Sow of the Vanir. This … Continue reading

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Suddenly I remember, unbidden, that I had a dream the other day of hanging out with my Mom at an Episcopal/Anglican church complex (it was a larger property with a small farm attached, but not a commune or anything). After … Continue reading

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