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Hail Keith “Cynan” Roberts! Rest Well, Old Friend.

Keith Roberts, better known to the extended SF Bay Area Pagan, Fandom, SCA, Poly, etc. communities as Cynan, died earlier today. I’m not up for writing a glowing obituary just yet. Cynan was a dear friend of mine, and I … Continue reading

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For Orlando

Originally posted on Drinking From the Cup of Life:
Awake, you ancestors and mighty dead! Awake, throw open the doors to your halls! New souls come to join you Souls who died in lead and blood There are new ancestors…

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David Bowie is Dead

Originally posted on Drinking From the Cup of Life:
One more leaves the sunlit lands One more feasts in the hall of the ancestors David Bowie is dead I remember riding the bus with Ziggy I remember dancing with the…

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New Devotional Necklaces: Life and Death

(I apologize in advance that my blog will have a lot of product posts between now and Many Gods West. I promise there’s thoughtful Vanic content scheduled as well!) Two new necklaces, for complementary ends of the Great Cycle:

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Tarot of Seasons – First Color

I finally got to sit down and start coloring the first card. As Death was the closest to done, and I had a clear idea how I wanted to color it, I started there. Now that I’ve finished coloring the … Continue reading

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