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Devotional Jewelry Summer Clearance Sale!

Hello folks! UPDATE: I’m extending the sale until July 10th! I have this treasure box full of shinies that I really need to clear out so that I can fill it up with new shinies. Help me find good homes … Continue reading

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New Seeds of Fire Graphic

I’m fixing up my Zazzle store a bit. I want to make more different product options for my existing designs, and then create some new designs. To get things started, I recomposed the store logo, trying out some of these … Continue reading

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Last Chance for Shinies ON SALE!

Heyla folks, today is your last chance to get my handmade devotional jewelry for $5 OFF for my Thanksgiving weekend sale! Any requests received by Midnight, Pacific time will be honored first-come-first-serve. 🙂 See what I still have in stock … Continue reading

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Shinies ON SALE!

I’d like to take a brief detour from the stress to bring you something a bit more lighthearted: SHINIES! Specifically, the shinies which you can acquire from me. For the weekend, they are on a discount! First of all, Zazzle … Continue reading

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Seeress: Nan Edwards Boyster

This is my friend and sometimes-teacher Nan Edwards Boyster. Nan is, simply put, Good People. She’s also one of the small handful of readers I go to  when I need outside divination, confirmation or clarification on my own work, or … Continue reading

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A Chance To Sing?

Update: Wow, that was fast! I feel so blessed by you all, thank you! I still have a lot of stuff for sale, mind you, but I got in to the class!! ❤ So there’s this class I’d like to … Continue reading

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Tarot Readings Notice

It seems my Robin Wood deck, Regina, needs a break. For at least the next two weeks, I will not be using her for readings, paid or otherwise, as she will be resting in her wooden box. I have many … Continue reading

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Devotional Jewelry Roundup

Members of Hrafnar and the Troth are trying to get to the Parliament of the World’s Religions this fall in Salt Lake City. Any profits from devotional jewelry I sell while they’re raising money for this will contribute to their … Continue reading

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Divination via Email

In light of Seb and Beth both retiring from offering divination to the public, I am updating and clarifying my own standing offer: To request an Enhanced Tarot++ reading, email EmberOutreach AT Gmail DOT Com with your question or topic, … Continue reading

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New Healing Necklace: A Spoonful of Blessings!

I knew the last iron spoon had to be something really special. I wanted to do something that Hephaestos might appreciate, inspired by Thenea’s recent gnosis post wherein He observed the irony that His own temples, historically, have failed to … Continue reading

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