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Coming Home Again

Originally posted on The Oasis Project:
I have a Sensory Processing Disorder of the hypersensitive type. I am easily overwhelmed by loud sounds, flashing lights, rough textures, etc. Many years ago, at the last BayCon in the San Jose DoubleTree…

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Election Prayer – VOTE!!

This is a modification of an Election Prayer I wrote 8 years ago to present in a pre-election interfaith service. I believe we need it again now: Elhaz – Manaz – Tiwaz – Jera Call we now the children of … Continue reading

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Ember on Gifts of the Wyrd!

Several weeks ago Jan and Laine interviewed me for their podcast Gifts of the Wyrd. We talked about Vanatru, and what makes RedWood Vanatru what it is. My interview is up now! Go listen! [Edit] For anyone having trouble with … Continue reading

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Interfaith Challenges – “Common Ground” Isn’t

Much of my work is interfaith either deliberately or incidentally. Representing small, mostly-modern, polytheistic, animistic, sex-positive, radically inclusive faith traditions in a context where most folks are at best quietly politically moderate, and almost entirely monotheistic, presents a number of … Continue reading

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Devotional Jewelry Roundup

Members of Hrafnar and the Troth are trying to get to the Parliament of the World’s Religions this fall in Salt Lake City. Any profits from devotional jewelry I sell while they’re raising money for this will contribute to their … Continue reading

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Reblog: “If Your Paganism is Anthropocentric, I Don’t Want Your Paganism”

Originally posted on Sarenth Odinsson:
With articles such as this, it is even more clear to me why polytheists need to speak up within and without the Pagan Umbrella. With respect to discerning John Beckett from John Halstead, I will…

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Send Heathens to the Parliament of the World’s Religions!

My Gythia and Mentor, my Teacher, my respected friend and peer, and the Vice-Steersman of the Troth (who I don’t know, but seems thoroughly vouched-for) are trying to get to the Parliament of the World’s Religions this fall in Salt … Continue reading

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MWD: Faith

My Month of Written Devotion is for the Spirit of the Santa Clara Valley Faith That reminds me, I really want to get back involved with the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council. –Ember– P.S. Read Lon’s “Faith”

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Encountering Outside Powers

I had a great conversation recently with a former student of mine. We were talking about the challenges of balancing human ethics with spirit etiquette. How do we avoid cultural appropriation when a Power from a culture to which we … Continue reading

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Avoiding Reactionary Theology

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:
So, a little known fact: one time, I did a tech start-up, and got A-Level funding. When I first started out, I was very, very concerned with making sure that the product I was…

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