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Musings of a Daunted Scorpio

I grew up reading Rob Brezsny’s eccentric “Real Astrology” column in the back of the local arts and events paper, The Metro. Our habit was to read out-loud the weekly Brezsny horoscopes for whoever was in the room, or even … Continue reading

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Dealing With Tricksters

It’s not always obvious to people that I work with Tricksters all that much. People who know me personally pick up on it, but other than that, it doesn’t occur to people immediately. Yet the domains I relate to the … Continue reading

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4 (Real) Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

Excellent points all – especially the observations of overlap between Lokeans and neurodiverse, QUILTBAG, disabled (especially invisible disabilities), and/or chronically ill folk. Aside from the queer, especially genderqueer, I hadn’t specifically put a finger on that, but as soon as … Continue reading

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Regarding Loki, Part 7: More Uncomfortable Truths

Originally posted on Kvasir Amongst the Gods:
On Feburary 13th,  Stephen McNallen made a statement in regards to the AFA’s stance on  the worship and veneration of Loki within their own organization and events.  Let me be clear that I,…

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Loki likes Freyja?

Loki likes Freyja? Heh, I have art dolls for my Freyja and Freyr altar statues, so my first thought on seeing these beautiful photos was “That looks like a Loki doll and a Freyja doll! Or maybe Sif.” I was … Continue reading

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Heathenry from a Vanatru perspective

First of all, what is Heathenism? Heathenism is modern Reconstructionist Scandinavian and/or Germanic Paganism. (Slavic Reconstructionism is also sometimes included, and certainly has great similarities, but I don’t know nearly as much about it… yet!) Can you unpack that? “Reconstructionist” … Continue reading

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