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DPM 1: A Wealth of Blessings

My lover Lon Sarver  and I have decided to go through Galina Krasskova’s Devotional Polytheist Meme questions together over the next several months. We encourage our friends to follow along, and welcome links to other people’s answers in our comments, … Continue reading

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What is Vanatru? Who are the Vanir?

What is Vanatru? Vanatru is a denomination of modern Heathenism (or Scandinavian/Germanic Paganism) focused on the pantheon of gods called the Vanir in Icelandic lore (Anglicized: “Wanes”). The term translates to “True to the Vanir”, and is derived from the … Continue reading

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My Oaths as a Vanatru Gythia

On Saturday, August 10th, at Greyhaven, I took my public vows as a Gythia to the Vanir: Oaths to Nerthus For as long as the Earth supports you, and you are able: Do you vow to respect the children of … Continue reading

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