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Blogging Questions for Devotional Polytheists The whole argument between Devotional “Hard” Polytheists (who are often, but not always Reconstructionists, Pagan or otherwise) and Archetypalist “Soft” Polytheists (who are often, but not always Neo-Pagans, Wiccanate or otherwise) continues on, and I … Continue reading

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A Freyr Carol

A Freyr Carol My friend Grant put this song together last year. It’s quite lovely. Be sure to follow the link below the entry for his old essay on the origins of related Yule traditions. 🙂 –Ember–

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Heathenry from a Vanatru perspective

First of all, what is Heathenism? Heathenism is modern Reconstructionist Scandinavian and/or Germanic Paganism. (Slavic Reconstructionism is also sometimes included, and certainly has great similarities, but I don’t know nearly as much about it… yet!) Can you unpack that? “Reconstructionist” … Continue reading

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