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Avoiding Reactionary Theology

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:
So, a little known fact: one time, I did a tech start-up, and got A-Level funding. When I first started out, I was very, very concerned with making sure that the product I was…

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Defining the Divine – Gods, Spirits, Powers, etc.

[This is a re-write of an old essay I composed several years ago and posted to my old blog on LiveJournal. I have since related this analogy on several occasions, including in conversations on posting boards. If it seems familiar, … Continue reading

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I Think I See What the Fuss is About

Originally posted on Drinking From the Cup of Life:
Recently, I was interviewed on the This Week in Heresy podcast. (You can listen here) The first few of comments to the interview are in, and they’re enlightening. To sum up…

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