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Agency, Authority, and Obligation

Devotional Polytheism is built around a few fairly consistent beliefs: 1: The Gods are many. 2: The Gods are real, distinct entities with agency. 3: We can form two-way, personal relationships with Them. Within that scope there’s still room for … Continue reading

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Defining the Divine – Gods, Spirits, Powers, etc.

[This is a re-write of an old essay I composed several years ago and posted to my old blog on LiveJournal. I have since related this analogy on several occasions, including in conversations on posting boards. If it seems familiar, … Continue reading

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Lon on This Week in Heresy!

Last week Gina Pond interviewed us for her podcast This Week in Heresy. I got to sit and listen while she interviewed Lon Sarver. His interview is up today! You should definitely go listen, and I’m not just saying that … Continue reading

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Q9. How does your tradition handle wrathful, savage and destructive divinities?

Joshua puts this so perfectly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. -E- Most of them would provide an extremely unbalanced focus for monotheistic worship. Rather than having all qualities balanced within themselves, they maintain a balance of forces via … Continue reading

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