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On Closed Traditions

(Edited to Add Note: This is not an essay about the history of Christianity and Judaism. They are merely familiar examples of traditions which people recognise as generally open and closed, respectively. There is no way I could possibly summarize … Continue reading

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Reblog: Reconstruction, Revival, and Styrofoam Cake Syndrome

Rev. Tamara L. Siuda has an excellent point in her post on Polytheist.com: Reconstruction, Revival, and Styrofoam Cake Syndrome The Shinto poet Matsuo Basho, who also lived during a period of thoughtful, intense polytheist reconstructionism, wrote: “Do not seek to … Continue reading

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Wiccanate Privilege and Spackle

Wiccanate Privilege and Spackle Having spent the week taking care of my lover, who ended up in emergency surgery on Wednesday, I don’t have the energy to address this to the degree I really feel it deserves right now. I’m … Continue reading

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