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Glossary Updated

For those of you who care for such things, I added a new section to my Theological Glossary, for common theological attributes to divinity, such as “Omniscient” and “Transcendent” or “Immanent”. Enjoy! -E-

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Ember on Gifts of the Wyrd!

Several weeks ago Jan and Laine interviewed me for their podcast Gifts of the Wyrd. We talked about Vanatru, and what makes RedWood Vanatru what it is. My interview is up now! Go listen! [Edit] For anyone having trouble with … Continue reading

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Love Will Come

This song has been running through my head for weeks now, telling me to admit my bias. I may need to make a rule that I will not do divination on the question “Will I find love?” I admit, in … Continue reading

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Agency, Authority, and Obligation

Devotional Polytheism is built around a few fairly consistent beliefs: 1: The Gods are many. 2: The Gods are real, distinct entities with agency. 3: We can form two-way, personal relationships with Them. Within that scope there’s still room for … Continue reading

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DPM 24: Twisting Roots

This is the last of the Galina’s Devotional Polytheist Meme questions! Click the tag on my and Lon’s posts to see all our answers! 24. What have you inherited from your ancestors? Um, everything? Honestly, the first response that comes … Continue reading

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DPM 23: The Call Knows Where I Live

I am going through the Devotional Polytheist Meme questions from Galina Krasskova’s blog, together with my lover Lon Sarver, over the course of several months. We encourage our friends to follow along, and welcome links to other people’s answers, as … Continue reading

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MGW – Dreaming, Death, and Memory on YouTube!

Heimlich A. Laguz took an audio recording of his presentation at Many Gods West, and combined it with the Power Point presentation he wasn’t able to show us to make a YouTube video! –Ember– P.S. Yes, the rest of Saturday … Continue reading

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