About the Vanic Conspiracy

The Vanic Conspiracy was founded in the Autumn of 2004 by myself and a dozen or so like-minded friends (including Cara Freyjasdaughter, and Tanisha Rose) from Hrafnar and the now-disbanded Hammer Oak Kindred. Our main purpose is to help people – all kinds of people – cultivate their relationships with the Vanic powers. As such, we study and honor the Vanir, whoever They may be, via monthly meetings for ritual and discussion, and seasonal celebrations.

We currently honor the Vanic gods in several groups.

  • There are the Vanir themselves, Freyja, Freyr, Njordh, Nerthus, Heide, Gullveig, Hnoss, and Gersemi.
  • There are spouses Gerd (Freyr), Skadhi (Njordh), and Odr (Freyja).
  • There are the possible Vanic kinfolk Heimdallr, Ostara, Ullr, Idunna, and Holda.
  • Finally, there are those in service to the Vanir, such as Skirnir, Byggvir, and Beyla.

Of course, we also pay our respects to the Aesir, Jotnar, Alfar, Duergar and other appropriate denizens of the Nine Worlds as allies to the Vanir, and to the ancestors and landspirits as our own allies. We are always interested in information, lore, research, or UPG about other Vanir, as finding the Vanir is part of our purpose.

In the summer of 2013, I made public vows to the Vanir as a Gythia, with the intent to form a line of transmission for Vanic dedicants and clergy interested in Vanic Mysteries and service to the gods and community. We are calling the tradition RedWood Vanatru, to honor our roots in Northern Europe and our land in Northern California. We consider this a tradition within Vanatru, recognizing that how we practice is distinct to our group, but that our values are shared with the wider Heathen community.

It is at times necessary to outline what exactly those values are, so let me be absolutely clear: Insularity is NOT a virtue in the Vanic Conspiracy. Frith between all people, hospitality for any who need it, finding the beauty in every thing, respect for the agency and autonomy of beings throughout the Nine Worlds, these are values we embrace.

The Vanic Conspiracy is a group open to all kinds of people who express interest in the Vanir. All that we ask, all we have ever asked, is that any who attend our meetings behave respectfully towards each other, and towards our purpose in pursuing frithful relationships with the Vanir. We have never had and never will have a requirement that our members have any particular ancestry, any particular culture, any particular gender identity, or sexual orientation, or the ability to consume any particular substance.

Part of hospitality is recognizing that everybody is different, comes from different places, has different needs, and different opinions, and embracing those differences as exactly what makes the worlds worth exploring. Our members have come from a beautiful and diverse array of backgrounds, and that is exactly as it should be. We are rarely a large group, and it’s hardly surprising, given that we are Germanic/Scandinavian Reconstructionists, that the majority of our members are indeed people interested in their own Germanic or Scandinavian backgrounds. If at any time our focus on the Vanir seems to include a lack of respect for other cultures, other backgrounds, anyone’s ancestors, or someone’s health needs, please tell me, so that we can fix it!

Please note: While we strive to provide a hospitable, safer space for as diverse a range of people as possible, we can not provide safer space for those who need to avoid discussions of sexuality and fertility, as those topics are central to the Vanir.

Gythia, Vanic Conspiracy
RedWood Tradition