THIS FRIDAY: Support Trans Rights by Supporting Pagan Musicians!

I see exactly no downside to this opportunity:

“[Bandcamp] will be donating 100% of our share of every sale on Friday, August 4th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) to the Transgender Law Center


Trans Rights are Human Rights!

Trans Rights are Human Rights!

Need some ideas of Pagan and Pagan-Friendly musicians who have great music on Bandcamp? Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

Got more favorites on Bandcamp? Share them in the comments for others to enjoy, and buy this Friday!


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Tech Issues Resolved! Sale Extended! News!

Heyla folks!

So, I’ve been quiet the last 6 weeks or so due to technical difficulties, just in time to totally miss keeping you all aware of how my Summer Sale was going! The difficulties have finally been resolved (well, mostly – I still have a shattered iPad screen, but I have plans for an even better replacement!).

To make up for my radio silence, and to make sure everyone who wanted a shot at the Summer Sale still has a chance, I’m extending my “Until Midsommer” sale for another week!

I’d extend it even longer, but I will be going to Ireland for a week and a half with my mother later in the month, and thus all orders will be temporarily suspended at that point. But who knows, maybe I’ll have NEW shinies to show you by then?



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Devotional Jewelry Summer Clearance Sale!

Hello folks!

UPDATE: I’m extending the sale until July 10th!

I have this treasure box full of shinies that I really need to clear out so that I can fill it up with new shinies. Help me find good homes for the current residents? I think I’ll keep these reduced prices up until Midsommer, or they sell out, whichever comes first!

To that end, I’m taking $10 OFF each item or matched set!

Summer Sale

Shinies on sale!

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Coming Home Again

The last year or so I’ve been working with Paul Schneider (and others) on the Oasis Project, which is a plug-and-play service for conventions to provide safer space for people who are overwhelmed, in need of some down time, self-care, or a bit of help. I’ve wanted to do something like this for years now. It’s been wonderfully successful so far! -E-

The Oasis Project

I have a Sensory Processing Disorder of the hypersensitive type. I am
easily overwhelmed by loud sounds, flashing lights, rough textures,
etc. Many years ago, at the last BayCon in the San Jose DoubleTree
hotel, I realized that we had so overgrown the space we were in that
all the quiet corners were occupied. There was no longer any safer,
calm space where I could decompress when I was overwhelmed. That year
was very, very difficult for me.

Then BayCon moved to a bigger space. Unfortunately, that bigger space
was also much, much louder, and I was totally overwhelmed within half
an hour of arrival. I could no longer be staff for the con, and
indeed, couldn’t functionally attend for more than a couple hours in a
day. It was, for me, like being exiled from home. I had been attending
BayCon  since I was 11 years old, and it…

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My First Pagan Bloggers Post!

It hasn’t reached the front page yet, but my first post at is up today!

What Does It Mean To Be Clergy?

Here’s a snippet for you:

I’m well aware that other people consider me an authority figure, and in certain contexts, I have to accept and work with that. I wield authority, whether I ever wanted to or not, especially when interpersonal and ethical conflicts arise within the groups I organize. Still, I mostly consider myself an expert, not an authority.

What’s the difference?

  • An Authority tells you what to do, and can inflict consequences if you don’t obey.
  • An Expert gives you informed advice so you can make your own choices, and while it might be foolish to ignore their experience, it’s not their place to inflict consequences.

I believe that clergy serve best when we serve mostly as experts, rather than authorities. Some traditions argue that clergy aren’t needed at all, because everyone can connect directly with the Divine without an intercessor. Even so, they have those who step up to serve the rest of the group, or those outside their immediate group, when the need arises. Even Wicca, which designates all practitioners priests, has individuals who step up to serve as chaplains and hospice ministers where needed.

While I agree that intercessors are not absolutely necessary, I don’t agree that this means we shouldn’t have any. Every community needs a variety of experts and specialists. Clergy are simply one category of service people, whose job is to provide spiritual aid to those who need it. Everyone needs to eat and use lights and follow the law, but few are moved to become a chef, or an electrician, or a lawyer. Similarly, everyone needs their own spiritual relationships, but not everyone will feel called to ordination.

Read the whole post at!


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An Era of Failed Leadership

“We are the children of the Rebel Alliance, the Fellowship of the Ring, and the Browncoats. We are the inheritors of the Civil Rights Movement, the Indigenous Solidarity Movement, and of Stonewall Our sense of justice comes from these modern myths and current struggles and encompasses rooting for the underdog, fighting the good fight, and doing the right damn thing. As things get worse in the world around us we will come together despite our differences to fight to protect our communities. We will stand side by side and do the work that must be done to create and maintain a safe and just world for everyone.”



Strixian Woods


I was reminded the other day that it has been a year since I’ve written a blog post.  When I started writing this blog I had planned on at least writing a post once a month. I saw a great value in engaging with the community and with the larger world around me through this medium, a place to exchange ideas and information with a broad audience, and a modern community meeting hall.  And then 2016 happened.

By 2016 I had seen a trend in the pagan blogging community that I was having a difficult time accepting.  To those of us paying attention to the larger world, there was a shift occurring in the general global rhetoric and politics towards a true ugliness, a type of fear and hate mongering that inevitably leads to violence and bloodshed.  We saw the consolidation of power of far-right  hate groups and watched in…

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Help Launch!

Jamie says:

“There are only 11 days left in the fundraiser for Pagan Bloggers and we need to get to fully funded to properly support the launch of the site. I’m actively recruiting artists and artisans and can’t wait to ‘open the doors’. If you’ve been meaning to donate now is the time. We’ve got some great perks like a one week ad, tarot readings and meditations available.”

I have signed up to be one of the bloggers there, myself, in fact. 🙂


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