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PantheaCon Notes – Future Freyja Devotional?

What do you suppose a trance devotional for Freyja lead by a singer should look and sound like? Over the course of this year’s PantheaCon I ran into several different people who wanted me to consider presenting some kind of … Continue reading

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PantheaCon 2014 – Monday, Iron Priest[ess]

For Monday of PantheaCon, Angela Carlson, who runs the Heathen Hospitality Hall and the Gryphons Volunteer department (with help in both cases, of course), had asked me to be in the parody ritual competition Iron Priest[ess] (inspired, of course, by … Continue reading

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Pagans and Privilege podcast is out!

Thorn Coyle’s Pagans and Privilege podcast is out! The Pagans and Privilege panel I attended on Saturday of PantheaCon was recorded by T. Thorn Coyle for her podcast. The podcast is available now! [Edit] Listening again, I am once again … Continue reading

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PantheaCon 2014 – Sunday, Runes of the Ancestors, and Coru Cathubodua

Sunday afternoon of PantheaCon I was supposed to ward Seidhjallr’s usual Oracular Seidh which was scheduled for right before the dinner session this year. One of my congregants, Hannah Lipsky, had also asked me to ward her Runes of the … Continue reading

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PantheaCon 2014 – Saturday and the Pagans and Privilege panel

Saturday is a bit of a blur. I got to the hotel later than I intended, and rushed to catch up with Nan, Maia, and Lisa who I found sitting in the front row during the setup for the Pagans … Continue reading

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PantheaCon 2014 – Preparation and Friday’s Oracular Seidh

I’ve been going to PantheaCon for over a decade now. For most of that time I served as staff for ConOps/CAT, and later Programming. The last few years I’ve had to step back from being staff. These days it’s not … Continue reading

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PantheaCon 2014: Wiccanate Privilege Discussion

More for the file. Unsurprisingly, I agree with a lot of what Lupus says here. Again, I’m saving this to re-read later when I am more brainful. For now, the things that jump out at me the most are points … Continue reading

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