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Sometimes Ravens Fly

I have left Hrafnar. It feels a lot like moving the last of my stuff out of my parent’s house. I haven’t lived there in a long time, but I never stopped thinking of it as home. Until I did. … Continue reading

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Help Restore a Queer/Nonbinary Pagan Mentor’s Teeth!

My friend and former mentor, the nearly-legendary, green-locked, community “instigator” known as Wolfwomyn (amongst other names) has recently had some serious health problems that stole several of their teeth and almost took out an eye! While the worst of it … Continue reading

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In This Time of Upheaval, Hold Together #SafetyPin

I wish to create safer space. If you too wish to create safer space, wear a simple, unadorned #SafetyPin on your person. Mine is pinned to my purse so that it is always with me wherever I go. –Ember–

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Isolation Won’t Help

I keep running across a particular narrative online, and occasionally in person: “There are bad things in the world. Isolate yourself to avoid harm!” “Other people don’t agree with you. Isolate yourself to avoid being tainted by them!” “Anything unapproved … Continue reading

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Walking with Freyja: On Having It Together

Yesterday I visited the park and grounds around the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. It’s been a very long time, and I had not remembered just how many little esoterically-saturated spaces they had designed there, which are open to the public every … Continue reading

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Help a Norse/Celtic Pagan Woman Avoid Homelessness!

My dear friend and teacher Nan is up against a wall this month. She doesn’t need a huge amount of help compared to some funds I’ve promoted, but she needs it fast! If you can help out, even just a … Continue reading

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Help! Local Pagan Child Hit by a Car!

http://www.gofundme.com/rj3rgpz4 Orion is the son of Sandy, a woman I know who is dear to our community and many of my friends. Orion was struck by a car while walking his bike in a crosswalk on his way to school. … Continue reading

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Tarot of Bones – Pagan Artist Indiegogo Campaign

Lupa Greenwolf is doing some amazing work on a Tarot deck based on photographs of her beautiful animal-parts assemblage work. Her Indiegogo campaign for the Tarot of Bones started today. The only down-side I can see is that I might … Continue reading

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Portals – Pagan Music Indiegogo Campaign

Portals My friends Sharon Knight and Winter (aka Pandemoneaon) have collected pretty well all of my favorite Pagan and Pagan-friendly musicians and quite a few amazing artists into a fantastic Indiegogo campaign to get an album, music video, and possibly … Continue reading

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Lon on This Week in Heresy!

Last week Gina Pond interviewed us for her podcast This Week in Heresy. I got to sit and listen while she interviewed Lon Sarver. His interview is up today! You should definitely go listen, and I’m not just saying that … Continue reading

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