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An Era of Failed Leadership

Originally posted on Strixian Woods:
I was reminded the other day that it has been a year since I’ve written a blog post.  When I started writing this blog I had planned on at least writing a post once a…

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In This Time of Upheaval, Hold Together #SafetyPin

I wish to create safer space. If you too wish to create safer space, wear a simple, unadorned #SafetyPin on your person. Mine is pinned to my purse so that it is always with me wherever I go. –Ember–

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Women in Heathenry

Originally posted on mainer74:
Women In Heathenry You know, I thought we were getting it right.  OK, for all of those who like to talk to me about white privilege, I will freely acknowledge I know nothing about growing up…

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Isolation Won’t Help

I keep running across a particular narrative online, and occasionally in person: “There are bad things in the world. Isolate yourself to avoid harm!” “Other people don’t agree with you. Isolate yourself to avoid being tainted by them!” “Anything unapproved … Continue reading

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For Orlando: If You Want To Help

This is a link to a page listing many different funds that are being gathered to help people recover from the shooting in Orlando: http://thingsthatmakeyouacey.tumblr.com/post/145887898649/pulse-funds

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For Orlando

Originally posted on Drinking From the Cup of Life:
Awake, you ancestors and mighty dead! Awake, throw open the doors to your halls! New souls come to join you Souls who died in lead and blood There are new ancestors…

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USA PSA: Check your voter registration status!

If you are in the US and have not yet voted in a primary election, DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION! If you’ve already received a ballot or guide, double-check that it is for the correct party, and that you have been given … Continue reading

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What Frith Isn’t – A Rambling Rant

Frith is not just etiquette. It’s not about saying what people want to hear so they don’t get upset. It’s not about avoiding making too much noise. It’s not about keeping your head down and going along to get along. … Continue reading

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Interfaith Challenges – “Common Ground” Isn’t

Much of my work is interfaith either deliberately or incidentally. Representing small, mostly-modern, polytheistic, animistic, sex-positive, radically inclusive faith traditions in a context where most folks are at best quietly politically moderate, and almost entirely monotheistic, presents a number of … Continue reading

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